Terms of Services

NetbyHost Terms of Service.


This document expresses the conditions of service that every client who purchases a product from our company NetbyHost agrees to accept in their entirety, and under which they are governed to provide their service. Therefore, all present or future products or services are governed by these regulations, which in turn may be modified at any time with or without prior notice, and the user accepts said changes.



The company undertakes to send notifications, promotions, payment reminders and/or promotions, through tickets or email. It should be noted that in the case of payment reminders, although the company undertakes to notify them, it is the client's obligation to know the expiration and/or renewal dates of the services. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that the client undertakes to provide their contact information, current and updated, so that in this way they can effectively receive our notifications, in turn notify us if they change for any reason, the company being exempt. of responsibility, if an email does not reach its destination, for the reasons mentioned above.

2. Technical support

The company undertakes to provide technical support exclusively by ticket or email, only for problems related to hardware and server connectivity, but not support linked to the Software, understanding that the client is the sole administrator of its product, its security, operability and the presence of backup of its content. We do not provide technical support by telephone or through SOCIAL NETWORKS.

3. Guarantee

We cannot guarantee that the service offered cannot be interrupted or free of errors, that the information available on our products is free of viruses, understanding that the client knows in

advance all the dangers inherent to the use of technologies, and the vulnerabilities they have. . The client accepts and is aware that all information placed on our servers could be available to any Internet user, and that he has no responsibility to us, that is, we are not responsible for the loss of his information. .

4. Prices

The company is completely free to modify the price of its products whenever it wishes, whether it is the value to acquire a new service or for its renewal; with or without prior notice to its clients.


1. Use of our products

The client agrees to use our products only for lawful purposes, that is, any illegal conduct or conduct that the company considers inappropriate is strictly prohibited, in accordance with the provisions of international standards, leaving the company with all its right to analyze and make decisions or sanctions depending on the situation, even leading to the temporary or total termination of the service contract. The client accepts that he is fully responsible, and excludes our company, for any content in the products purchased by him, the use made of it, and the international legal sanctions that these may incur.


The client agrees to have respectful conduct towards our company and its employees; Considering that any action in favor of deteriorating our image, mistreating, threatening or offending, will be sufficient reason for the immediate termination of all services provided by our company. Likewise, the client agrees not to execute any voluntary or involuntary action that damages any of our servers, affecting its free functioning for other clients.

3. product suspension

The customer understands that failure to cancel the value of the product before the expiration date is sufficient reason for its suspension, leaving our company a period of 72 hours for the customer to contact our company, before all of their information on the product. If the customer wishes to cancel their product, or not continue renewing it, they must notify it through a cancellation request, with its respective justification.

4. Domain acquisition

Customer understands that the availability of a domain name is not controlled by our company, so it is the customer's responsibility to wait until a registration confirmation is made. Likewise, this cannot be modified until the contract is completed, so any error in its transcription or change of mind on the part of the client will be their responsibility; so if you want to change your domain name, you must register and acquire a new one, which is available.

5. Renovations

It is the customer's knowledge that expired domains, which were renewed late, will have a limit of up to 10 days, which will take between 24 and 48 hours to be reactivated due to the required propagation, and that they may not be available, understanding that said period Time is not controlled by us.

6. Domain service limitations

It is the customer's knowledge that both the registration and use of a domain may be cancelled, suspended, limited or transferred, if our company, the domain provider or even if ICANN, the government or any other relevant entity, deems it so. , whether for reasons of dispute resolution, protection of your security, claims for intellectual property infringement, among others.

7. User identification

The client declares that he is a legally responsible person, is over 18 years of age or has the

authorization of his representative, the latter being legally responsible for the use he gives to this product and the information uploaded therein. On the other hand, it also guarantees that the information you provide us, email, name, telephone number or other necessary information, is true and that you will keep it updated. Finally, the client, through this document, also accepts the policies for processing their data, as well as the publication of information in the WHOIS database and its use by the company, service providers or government entities that require Privacy Policies. .

8. Legality of the Registry

The client understands that the acceptance of the registration request, the registration and even the beginning of the provision of the service, are not indicative that we or any other entity, including the government, consider its registration or use legal, that is, none of the aforementioned actions are sufficient basis to validate that it is legal, that it is not violating a rule or regulation. Therefore, the client must undertake that the use of the domain(s) provided does not violate any regulation of the company or international entity, so it will not be used for malicious, harmful or fraudulent purposes.

9. Disputes and Conflict Resolution The client releases our company, its employees and its suppliers, from all liability for any claims, damages or any legal charges associated with the registration or administration of their domain. Likewise, the client has the commitment and is obliged to notify our company in advance if they have any inconvenience or claim with any of our services, in order to seek a conciliation or solution, through the ticket system or via email.

10. Refund

The client will only receive a refund of the amount paid for the service purchased, only when it has not been received satisfactorily 72 hours after the formulation of the ticket, payment and confirmation of the order and; that our company has not been in communication with the client to justify the reason for said situation, understanding that there are a variety of conflicts that may arise in the use of technology, which may or may not be the responsibility of NetbyHost.

Final note: remember that if you do not accept these terms, then NetbyHost is within its rights to not want to provide its service and sale of products. If you do not agree with our policies, please refrain from purchasing them.

Last review: September 21, 2022.